18. URI / CT (203) Taurus Drum


18. URI / CT (203) Taurus Drum

My #wcw goes to Evangeline Lilly. She killed her role in Lost, and she’s about to kill it again in The Hobbit. Tauriel > Katniss

#tbt Dopapod in Providence!

Thank you to everyone who believes in me. Thank you to all that doubt me. And most of all…Thank you for everyone who joined me. Lets GROW💪
You’re either going to MAKE things happen, WATCH things happen, or you’ll say WHAT THE HECK just happened!? Choose one and be in control of your life.
So far working with this company has allowed me to afford my first music festival, and to buy a car. This is the most productive summer I’ve ever had and it’s only the beginning. Thank you @cardozas_life for motivating me through this! HAPPY PAYDAY